Google Authority

My name is Zweder. I am very excited to tell you all about

Do you want to be at the topspot on page one of Google? Read on.

How does Google decide who will get the topspot? It is all about Authority. The sites that Google trusts the most are the ones that they give the highest authority (simple definition: authority sites have great targeted content and received the most votes from other authority sites).

So providing good content, applying the Google rules and getting the best backlinks (votes) gives the Authority sites the highest ranking on page one.
The website with the highest Authority from Google gets the highest ranking from Google. They get the top spot on page one (“the left side on Google”) and the topspot also based on quality in adwords PPC (if they advertise on the “right side”).

I have been in business for myself since 1997. After a few years I wanted to find out how to sell my products and services on the internet. I bought a lot of courses and hired consultants. That did not bring me the results I was looking for. It cost me a lot of money and time. There is a lot of BS being told. I decided to do it myself. I studied and practiced searchengine marketing (SEM), searchengine optimization (SEO), adwords pay per click (PPC), social media, copywriting and webbuilding for my own company.
I am a  little bit lasy so I also looked for automation. I have an engineering background (long time ago)  so I guess that is another reason that I have always looked for easy tools and systems to help me do things fast.

I have learned the hard way. I started on internet in 2001 with no knowledge at all. I managed to get to the top in several targeted niches quickly after I started doing it myself. That brought me a lot of success. I sold my company portfolio in November 2010. I immediately got many questions from my network and business friends if  I could help them with selling on internet. It is my passion to help people achieve their goals on the web. I love the lifestyle so why not help others to get what they want? Google Authority is my way off giving back to society.

I help my friends and I also would like to help you. You want results now but you also want result tomorrow. So do not gamble. Listen to (the) Google Authority.
Want to know how to get clicks from targeted traffic? Google Authority is there for you. Enjoy this site. If you follow my advice you will get and stay at the top on Google.


PS: this site is being restyled,